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four people injured in an overnight house fire. alls, disturbing new information about the bay year school principal accused of selling drugs. the report involves hidden cameras in a teddy bear. mornings on 2 begins right now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i am torly campbell. police in novato have captured two burglary suspects who broke into a substation. one police officer was hurt. ktvu channel 2 reporter alley
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ratsmith. >> reporter: a few hours before that, at 2:45 this morning the substation alarm went off. police responded and discovered someone had cut a hole in the chain link fence surrounding the substation. at that point police began an agentive search. they comed through a business park located right next to that substation. a novato officer spotted and chased one of the suspects. the suspect and the officer
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were both injured. the officer is expected to be okay. we don't know the condition of the suspect, however. the second burglary suspect, the one who was arrested at 5:00 of, he was found hiding underneath a parked truck after police had tone an extensive search of the area. but again, some time in the next half hour novato police are supposed to give us more detailed information about this arrest of two men suspected of burglarizing and breaking into and stealing copper wiring from a substation here in novato. time now 7:03. a police officer is among four people sent to a hospital after a fire in south san francisco. now, it happened last night at grand and chest nut avenue. ktvu's alex savage has been out there since 4:00 of. this is still under investigation, right, alex? >> reporter: yes.
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the cause remains unknown. four people hospitalized, including a south san francisco police officer. that officer was one of the first to arrive on scene and actually went inside the house to make sure the people here got out. the fire broke out around 11:30 last night in one of the units of the duplex in south san francisco. crews called in here to get this fire under control. most of the fire concentrated near the back of the house. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading from the first unit to the second unit. but the fire did make it into the shared attic space. crews were quickly able to knock down the flames, even as this house filled with lock. >> once again, the fire was contained to the original unit of origin. the extension came from the folks -- the folks exposed was to smoke. >> this morning the red cross came in to help the two
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families displayed. a total of seven people without a place toly. the deputy chief says the cause remains under investigation. the four people taken to the hospital, including that south san francisco police officer are all in stable condition. i did reach out this morning to the south san francisco police department and i am hoping to get an update later in the morning about the condition of the officer hurt during this house fire. live in south san francisco, alex savage, ktvu. 7:05. a policewoman for women in gilroy. police say a man has been exposing himself to women while asking directions. four separate incidents reported last monday and tuesday. dispatch says in each case a man in a black suv. the women told police when they started giving directions they noticed the man was exposing himself. there is no description of the
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suspect. 7 can 05. new this morning. iran has had a successful missile test, according to a senior guard commander who says iran has deployed a domestic built zone that has a range of 1,250 miles. that covers much of the middle east including israel and nearly doubles the range of previous drones. all of this as tensions rise over iran's expanding nuclear program and a possible attack on iran by israel. iran has threatened to block oil shipments where about a fifth of all the world's oil passes through. meanwhile, president obama prepares to speak. coming up, what the president is saying about efforts to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. time is now 7:06. computer experts reportedly
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have found a way to get a free ride. an analyst discovered he could use his lap top computer to read the data on muni's paper limited use cards and then reset them. then, he created an app that would allow his smart phone to do the same thing. now, he says he is not releasing that app to the public. instead, he notified muni to the problem and reportedly they are going to fix it. coming up at 7:07, i want to check in with value on what is happening on i -- sa l on what's happening on i-4. >> reporter: looking a lot more normal today. traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive out to the willow pass grade. also, this morning's commute is not all that bad.
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that have traffic moves pretty well. there is a slow down but it is only about 15 to 20 minutes which is very typical. we have had some slow traffic this morning. i think we do have the maps there. traffic is going to be slow there. i have also been looking at state of texas bound 01 -- southbound in novato. let's go to steve. >> reporter: thanks.ii before i get ahead of myself, 79 downtown. san jose 77. concord up four and santa rosa
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-- that's downtown condition. some of the higher elevations running a little bit waller when you get up around 2,000 feet. that is kind of capping that fog so it will burn off sooner. 60s, 70s and also 80s. the system that gave us the cool down now in the rockies. high pressure building in behind that may give us our first september offshore breeze friday and saturday. patchy fog today. 60s, 70s. 80s inland. clear lake in there.
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sonoma 82. freemont, 76. palo alto a little warmer. maybe even the coast getting in on the sunshine. tory, dave. thank you, steve. oakland mayor's deadline to appear at a deposition on police reform or face possible contempt of court charges. a federal magistrate threatened punitive action if he skipped another deposition on the pace of court ordered police reform. the mayor canceled an appearance at a deposition august 30th saying she had to attend a city council meeting. the mayor said she will be ated to's deposition. oakland police are looking for the suspect of a deadly shooting that happened crust before 9:00 last night about a
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block away there the oakland coliseum station. police say the victim was transported to the hospital where he died. time now 7:10. congresswoman barbara lee holds an evented to at 11:00 a.m. it is one of several congressional black kaw would you -- caucus events statewide. requiring new laws requiring voters to show photo id to vote. critics say the new requirements would really effect minority students and the elderly. the bill that was just signed by governor jerry brown would allow california people to vote on election at the same time right now, an eligible resident has to register at least 15 days before an election. the measure becomes law january 1st, but it could be delayed for a year or so while a state- wide voter data base is
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created. 7:11. close calls on the runway. the f a a releases just how many near-misses. why some say a big shortage of bacon and ham is unavoidable next year. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. a little bit of fog out there on the coast and the bay. looks like it will burn off a little sooner. time now 7:14. happening right now, president obama is getting ready to speak before the united nations general assembly in new york. ktvu's allison burns with more on what the president will say, particularly about iran. allison. >> reporter: dave, the president will be speaking any
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minute now. he has seen his public approval ratings decline on the issue of foreign policy recently. so, this morning he certainly is going to try to step up his game. his address will be his fourth speech to the general asemi establish and this one comes just six weeks before the presidential election. president obama will use the forum this morning to condemn the antiislamic film that has sparked rage. he is also going to step up pressure on iran and say the u.s. will do what it must to present iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> unfortunately foreign policy becomes not so much an issue of demonstrating wisdom as it is an issue for demonstrating toughness. >> the president will tell iran that time is not unlimited. we will have more coverage of the president's speech and reaction throughout the morning
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here on ktvu. reporting from washington, d.c., allison burns, k tv u. mitt romney sharing a stage with former president bill clinton. >> if there is one thing we have learned in this election season, by the way, is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man lot of good. >> mitt romney telling the joke this morning. he made that speech before the clinton global initiative in new york. he said his administration if elected would require a country to get development noun allow u.s. investment and also remove trade barriers. also, president obama is depending a decision to tape an interview on the tv show the view instead of meeting with world leaders before his speech at the united nations. one spokesman said p the president met with one leader he would have to meet with all
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of they will. the aids often said the president often speaks with other heads of state by phone. there is a new controversial move by more than a dozen schools in new york city. the education department has announced they are making the morning after pill available to high school students. the department says girls as young as 14 will be able to get plan b emergency contraception without a parent's consent. it is designed to help prevent teen pregnancy. parents have been notified about the program, and how their daughters can opt out. >> it comes in handy for the girls who need it that like to have sex and don't want to get pregnant. >> more than 7,000 girls in new york city will become pregnant by the age 17. 90% of those pregnancies are unplanned, and more than half are terminated. aviation officials say
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close calls are still a big problem on airport runways. the faa says since 2008 there have been about three incidents a day in which a plane or vehicle gets on a runway by mistake. that is an average of 1,000 incidents a year. the faa says about a dozen are serious enough to warrant an investigation each year. >> things are back to normal at international airport this morning after a bomb threat last night. investigators searched two parking garages at the airport but did not find anything suspicious. a few flights were delayed but those terminals are now back open and flights are operating again. an unidentified fbi agent accused of using taxpayer money to pay for prostitutes in the philippines. that agent reportedly spent up to $2,400 every time he visited a brothel. prosecutors said then he tried to get $15,000 in
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reimbursements for entertainment and other expenses. so far, no charges have been filed against that fbi agent. back here at home, a community meeting tomorrow night explaining how it is going to handle public complaints on all their concerns about bart. they a citizens review board kept an eye on bart police. this meeting is scheduled to take place at the richmond recreation center complex tomorrow night at 6:30. this week, bike riders in san francisco will mark the 20th anniversary of critical mass. the monthly friday night bike ride started in september 1/9/92. since then, hundreds of people have joined this movement. several events are planned this week celebrating the anniversary. the big happens friday night during the critical mass ride. organizers say that one could be one of the biggest ever. it is 7:19.
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green day has announced they are postponing their concert in san francisco. the band was scheduled to perform this friday. the news comes after the band's front man checked himself into rehab following this well publicized outburst on stain last friday. no word on when the band plans to reschedule. you may have noticed what looked like an incredibly bright moon shining over the bay last night, but it was not real. this light was placed on treasure island to create the look of moonlight for the filming of the movie called internship starring vince vaughn and of -- owen wilson. brace yourself for a shortage of bay co. all over the world there is a shortage of pork and bacon. next year that shortage will be unavoidable. the problem is, the draught. it has hurt the corn and
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soybean crop which meant farmers all over the world had less to feed pigs. the national pig association in britain says the number of slaughtered pigs could drop which means the price of european pork may double. >> yeah. the draught has had a wide- spread impact. >> yeah. a high flying mission to raise money for the obama campaign. and, the president's flight all caught on camera. good morning. if you are driving in the south, we have had slow traffic. we will tell you more about the morning commute, straight ahead.
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happening now, president obama addressing the united nations general assembly in new york. let's listen in. >> chris was lled in the city
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that he helped to saveful he was 52 years old. i tell you this story because chris stevens embodied the best of america. like his fellow foreign service officers, he built bridges across oceans and cultures and was deeply invested in the international cooperation that the united nations represents. he acted with humility, but he also stood up for a set of principles, a belief that individuals should be free to determine their own destiny and live with lib -- liberty, dignity, justice and opportunity. the attacks on the civilians in bengazi were attacks on america. we are grateful for the assistance we received from the
7:24 am
libyan government. i also appreciate that in recent days the leaders of other countries including egypt, tunisia have called for cause. and so have religious authorities around the globe. but, understand the attacks of last two weeks are not simply an assault on america. they are also an assault on the very ideals upon which the united nations was founded. the notion that people can resolve their differences peacefully, diplomacy can take the place of war, that an inner dependent world, all of us have a stake in working towards greater opportunity and security for our citizens. if we are serious about
7:25 am
upholding these ideals, it will not be enough to put more guards in front of an embassy or put out statements of regret and wait for it to pass. if we are serious about these ideas, we must speak honestly about the deep r. causes of the crisis because we face a choice between the forces that would drive us apart and the hopes that we hold in common. >> you have been listening live to president obama at his much- anticipated address at the united nations general assembly in new york city. president obama there right at the start when we started listening to his remarks talking about the death of u.s. ambassador chris stevens from here in the bay area. he and three other americans were killed in libya. the president is challenging the leaders there to confront the challenge of range exploding across the muslim world and saying the u.s. will not shrink from its role despite the violence there. in fact, more than 50 people
7:26 am
have died in part to an anti- muslim film, violence from that. mr. obama will also be speak about preventing iran from having a nuclear weapon. we will have more coming up. >> thanks, tory. time now, 7:26. the obama campaign launched a high-flying fund raising stunt, turning from a serious situation to a lighter one. there it is, there. obama's supporters attached that bobble head to a weather balloon. they released it in san francisco. the camera shows it is high above the earth. video was set to the theme music of et. all of this was meant to draw attention for a yard sale for obama. it is an initiative asking people to hold a yard sale then
7:27 am
doe -- doe mate the money -- do nate the money to the obama campaign. investigators make a disturbing discovery in the homes of a south bay principal accused of selling drugs. we will tell you what was found stuffed inside a teddy bear and what parents think about that. then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached
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here is more of president obama. >> i have made it clear the united states government had nothing to do with this video, and i believe the message must be rejected. it is an insult not only to muslims, but to america as well. we are home to muslims who worship across our country. we not only respect the freedom of religion, we have laws to protect individuals from being harmed because of how they look or what they believe. >> once again, president obama speaking before the general assembly. he is once again talking about
7:32 am
religious freedom and denounce the video. it is 7:32. police have arrested at least one person in a rowdy protest over a deadly officer-involved shooting in hayward. the demonstration happened last night near the dirty bird lounge. police say they made an arrest for public drunkenness and shut down road after protesters started walking into traffic. >> some point the crowd started. >> police say shot and killed a suspect at the dirty bird lounge in a shooting after the suspect tried to run them over. the person shot at the bar was treated at the hospital and
7:33 am
released. san francisco police are reaching out to people in san francisco's mission district after an officer-involved shooting sparked acts of van -- vandalismful police chief told the crowd that the man shot by police last thursday is a known gang member. following that shooting, people angry at officer involved violence vandalized five buildings including a police station. >> it is sad that we have to meet under these circumstances, but i think it's important to know that we are here for you. >> no one has been arrested. police say the people responsible dispursed too quickly. in concord, two officers and a police dog received minor injuries after arresting a suspect who had been wanted for a week. yesterday, a police dog found a
7:34 am
29-year-old hiding underneath a home. officers say he resisted arrest which caused may more your. police have been looking for him sense last monday when he was allegedly spotted in the same area with a gun. that search caused a lock down of several schools. overnight, high speed police chase which started and ended in pittsburgh with a crash. chp officers say a car was speeding on highway 24 about 31: 3:00 -- 3:15 this morning. the driver crashed. two people were in that car. the driver was arrested. investigators suspect alcohol may have been involved. there is a vigil this morning, a memorial for a man who was shot and killed right in front of his house. police gathered last night for this candle light vigil remembering the 34-year-old
7:35 am
maurice wagner. prosecutors say a 67-year- old brought water containing chlorine to his girlfriend. prosecutors say he wanted to poison her so he could gain control of her finances. learning more about the santa clara principal accused of selling drugs. we have more from janine de la
7:36 am
vega has more. >> reporter: they say at least one camera was hidden inside a stuffed toy bear. i spoke with a parent off camera this morning. she told me she wants to know why a camera was stuffed inside a child's toy. eric lewis was arraigned in court yesterday. he faces felony charges. lewis was arrested at a cal tr an station last week. there were 10 hidden cameras at his san francisco apartment. cameras were also found in a cigarette lighter and places in his bedroom. it is unknown why he had the cameras. >> who knows. everyone has their own life
7:37 am
style. could have been for the dates he brought home. is it odd it is in teddy bears? like i said, we still have to go through and figure out what else he had if anything. >> reporter: investigators are still going through the evidence to see if lewis will face more charges. so far theda's office says none of the charges are related to the school. i did contact the school but still have not heard back. we are going to try to get our hands on that police report to see if we can tell you more about what was found in the san francisco apartment. the district attorney claims a couple planted vicodin, marijuana and other drug paraphernalia in the car
7:38 am
of a pta volunteer. the couple allegedly wanted the volunteer to be arrested because they believe she did not properly care for their son. if convicted, they face up to four years in prison. time now, 7:38. a new report by the college board says most high school students are not ready for college. the report says only 43% of graduated seniors who took the s.a .t . test met the standard for being college ready while 57% did not meet the standard. report also says students who completed core curriculums and took honors or had advanced placement, they had bert -- better test scores than those who did not. celebrating the school's major improvements on the academic performance index test. those results are especially significant because many of the students at the school are just learning english and they are
7:39 am
coming from low income neighborhoods. it is 7:39. want to check in again with sal, see what is happening on the roads. >> tory and dave, good morning. traffic is doing pretty well in some areas, not so well in others. slow traffic from 85 to just about 87 in pockets all the way up to cupertino. 1011 slow on 880. 880 southbound here as you drive to union city is very slow heading south. then we had an earlier accident on 580. that is gone. the traffic on 580 in that area is slow. let's go to some live pictures
7:40 am
now. this morning's commute has been backed up. steve. >> reporter: thank you. we had low clouds. seabreeze a little stronger. ed to -- fog is still there. patchy fog but that will burn off pretty soon. the system that gave us the cool down is almost out of the
7:41 am
picture. there are signs it will warm up in the coast. which makes sense. i think this weekend will be sunny. we will have an offshore breeze. september is when we get that. slightly warmer today inland. not so much by the coast. 60s, 70s and 80s. maybe a fog-free coast, torr'. >> thank you, steve. red sox are up this morning. why facebook is struggling and google is soring. talk about cozy. san francisco is considering building some of the smallest apartments in the nation. the reason some feel this is a bad idea.
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i get my favorite brands without having to wait for them to go on sale someplace else. done! fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit
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to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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a new report in the last 40 minutes shows the u.s. consumer confidence jumped to the highest since february. and, home prices continue to rise. taking a live look at the dow. currently up 42. nasdq up 9. s&p up treatment facebook stock is slightly down about two pennies. it finished trading under $21. that is a 9% drop after a negative report from one industry analyst who said the social network's stock is
7:45 am
still, quote, too pricey. another stock to watch today is good morning which closed at its -- google which closed at its highest. it is up almost $11 trading at $760.07. one analyst has raised google's target price because of its advertised profits. the board of supervisors cold take up a really small issue. pam cook is in the studio to tell us all about it. >> in real estate we are used to hearing the word cozy or quantity but this new trend doesn't even try to hide its size. they are called microunits, and they are. just 220 square feet which is just about the size of a large living room. but inside that space there is
7:46 am
a kitchen, a bathroom, a closet and beds that convert into tables. we need a very flexible housing policy. large units but also small for people that can't afford more than that. >> he says 41% of the people who live in the city live alone and this would provide more affordable housing for them. they would rent from 12 to $1,400 a month. some housing advocates don't think they are the answer and will bring in too many people into the city and drain public services. the supervisor also says the board will discuss having some sort of limit on the number of these units. they are meeting today. let's go back to tory and dave. the associated press obtained new at slight images.
7:47 am
heavy rain may be to blame for the construction delay. despite the setback, north korea is reportedly renovating another launch pad. north korea is accused of using rocket launches ascofer to test missile systems that could potentially target the u.s. two u.s. marines accused of urinating on the bodies of dead taliban will be court- martialed. the incident became public in january after a video surfaced of four marines urinating on three dead men last july. the two marines were also charged with other misconduct. solano county could lose money. officials say the budget cuts would severely effect travis air force base. they also say san diego county could lose the most. more than 100 -- rather $1 billion in cuts.
7:48 am
right now lawmakers in washington, d.c. are considering an 18% cut to defense spending over the next 10 years. a man accused of punching a san jose police officer in the face is punching several charges. police say it happened sunday amp when police responded to domestic violence calls. they say they found a man arguing with a woman trying to get inside the house. when police officers arrived that man allegedly punched the officer in the face. well, the group home in the south bay is being sued over allegations of one of their staff members sexually abusing a child. emq's family first ignored a warning that a staff member was acting inappropriately towards a 12-year-old girl. the lawsuit says 33-year-old bailey sexually assaulted the girl a week after the warning. the girl's testimony is being used in a criminal case against
7:49 am
bailey involving at least two other alleged victims. ktvu obtained the information. we did contact them and were told they would have no comment. it is 7:49. american airlines canceling more flights, some at the last minute creating more headaches for passengers. airline canceled more than 100 nights yesterday according to a travel website. that was nearly 6 600 nights. fewer than half have been on time. the airline blames questionable maintenance complaints and increased pilot sick calls for the problem. >> out there, captain? and, the next week a new water taxi service could be operating in san francisco. the tide line water taxi will take people all the way to att
7:50 am
park. another company will only run between san francisco locations. a one way ticket can cost up to $95. seattle attracting major league teams willing to move totem reasonable to -- to emerald city. seattle lost their nba team four years ago. the supersonics became the oklahoma city thunder. construction on a nearly half billion dollar project won't begin until a team agrees to move to seattle. there has been talk the sacramento kings are considering the move. 400 workers are building frame work piece by piece. the 49ers say eventually 18,000- tons of steal will support that stadium. ktvu cameras will be there
7:51 am
getting a better look at the progress later this afternoon. the 49ers say the stadium is on track to open for the 2014 season. the holiday hiring season, almost here. the two major retailers that plan to hire tens of thousands of workers. also, one last chance for you to buy post season giants tickets.
7:52 am
less we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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welcome back. time now 7:53. if you need a job, retailers are getting ready for the holidays. this week toys-r-us are starting to hire temporary workers. they plan to hire 45,000 seasonal workers. kohl's plans to hire 52,000 holiday workers. that is thousand more than last year for both companies.
7:54 am
halloween has changed, though. 11% of the u.s. population -- 71% of the u.s. population, that is higher than every. about $8 billion in total spendings. 7:54. giants fans have the opportunity to register for playoff tickets this morning. the deadline for the division series on the giants website is today at noon. ticket prices range from 60 to $420. season ticket holders have been buying upmost of the tickets. >> he thinks we will get tickets and it may not be the exact seats that we want. any time we're in the park it is great. >> the giants will likely play
7:55 am
at home october '6 á9 and 7th. sal, you think you may be able to find seat in the park? >> oh, yeah. that's why season ticket holders buy the tickets, so they don't have to worry. good morning, everybody. if you are driving on 280, any time soon. it is going to be backed up right from the beginning. goes all the way up into cupertino. 85 at 101. at the bay bridge, it is backed up big time we had some earlier problems in the east bay. now that we are looking at the east bay, we have slow traffic from pleasant hill to walnut creek. westbound 4 is also slow.
7:56 am
not as bad as it was yesterday but certainly is very slow. 7:56. let's two to steve. >> thank you, sir. thick fog out there. a sign high pressure is building. it is a sign that high pressure is on its way. just a slow process. we did cool off yesterday. forecasted to has warmer weather inland. about the same tomorrow but they are all signs saying warm to hot, maybe even the coast, too. the little system that gave us the cool down is long gone. 60s, 70s, 80s. about a 3 to 4 degrees warmup for some. we will have more coming up later. thank you. it is 7:57. california fish and game under fire for killing four mountain lions. why they say it needed to be done even though three of them were just cubs. also, new details of very exclusive video. you're looking at a break-in at
7:57 am
a pga substation. which led to the arrest of two men hours ago. flames break out inside house in san francisco overnight sending four people to the hospital including a police officer. we will tell you the rescue effort here that got everyone out.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back the morning sun 2. i am tory camp. >> i am dave clark. it is tuesday, september 25th. a break in at a pga substation in novato. one officer was injured while trying to arrest a suspect. we have more from alley ratsmith with more. >> reporter: good morning. they are doing construction work here at police head quarters, but we do have new information on the two suspects. they are both in their 40s. someone a san francisco resident. the other hasan pablo resident. we were there at 5:30 this
8:00 am
morning when one of the two burglary suspects was arrested by a sheriff's deputy. he is one of the two people suspected of breaking into a substation located on hamilton drive in novato. this all started at 2:45 this morning. that is when security noticed two men walking around grounds of the substation. they called novato police and novato police discovered a hole had been cut in the chain link fence that surrounds that substation. just on the other side were copper fixtures and copper piping. detectives aren't 100% certain but they believe it is likely that copper piping is what these two individuals may have been going for with this burglary. shortly after that, police began an active search with spot lights and flashlights. they combed through the business park located right next to the substation. the officers spotted and chased
8:01 am
one of the suspects. the officer suffered a cut on the back of his head after struggling with arresting the suspect. both are okay. they were treated and released. one of the things detectives will try to determine is the burglar's background, whether they had any experience working at a substation and dealing with electrical wiring. >> at this point we don't know their history or background. they may have some history dealing with, you know, copper and wires. we're still trying to figure that out. >> reporter: now, the second burglary suspect was brought into consist dawn 5:30 this morning. he was found after search of that business park found hiding underneath a car cover that was over a parked car in the parking lot of that business park right next to that substation. again, both men have been arrested. they are in the process of being booked in jail.
8:02 am
alley ratsmith. a duplex in south san francisco is under investigation. happened at grand chest nut. i know you talked to neighbors alex savage. what are they saying? >> reporter: this morning a neighbor tells me this fire grew quickly overnight. four people ended up hospitalized here with minor smoke inhalation including a south california police officer. a next door neighbor told me that same officer also came knocking on her door to make sure she got out. the fire started last night in one unit of this duplex. crews were called in from nearby counties to help get this fire under control. most of it was concentrated near the back of the house. firefighters on the end were able to keep the flames from spreading but the fire did make its way into the shared attic space. a short time again i talked to the woman who lives next door
8:03 am
with her three kids. >> i just hear like somebody is screaming. they say fire, fire, and i heard some breaking class. when i pick up the window there was already smoke coming out the window so i just pick up my kids and ready to run. >> reporter: a total of seven people displaced by this fire, two different families. they are being helped this morning by the red cross. the deputy chief told us the cause of the fire is still under investigation. four people hospitalized for smoke inhalation. at last check, four people including the south san francisco police officer is in stable condition. i did reach out to the south san francisco police department trying to get an updetain still have not heard back. live this morning in south san
8:04 am
francisco, alex savage, ktvu news. a lucky survivor of a deadly avalanche. glen plate grew -p here. he said the avalanche knocked them 650 feet down the mountain whole they were stilled in sleeping bags. those who saw the avalanche helped them dig out survivors. pate lost a few teeth and had only a couple plaque eyes. six more are still missing. 8:04, congresswoman barbara lee holds a voter registration event in oakland today starting at 11:00 today. it is one of several congressional black caucus events. opponents say the new requirements would adversely
8:05 am
effect minorities and elderly. a bill signed by governor brown would allow californians to register to vote online for election day. the measure becomes law january first but could be delayed a year ora data base is created. happening now, vice president joe biden is speaking in chesterfield virginia. there he is live. let's listen in. >> one of the folks i was just hanging out with i already spoke to. i just wanted to acknowledge him as my friend and ask him to come out, bobby scott. [applause] >> biden's last visit to virginia caused controversy when he told a largely african american crowd that republicans wanted to unchange wall street and put them back in chains. biden also told another virginia crowd they could 84 -p the president win north
8:06 am
carolina. >> uh-huh. we are keeping tabs on a lot of things. we are also watching the commute. anything? >> we are talking about the replacement refs. let's go out and take a look at the traffic talk now. this is just another -- we have had in the last month or so since everyone's been kind of back to school, we have had some horrible commutes. 280, 85, 101. you could look at the bright side. everyone is going to work. people definitely have to be somewhere. if you want to be super on the mistech about it, like if you are going to be waiting in a long line. 17, all of it. let's move along to the east bay. westbound 58 will be slow in
8:07 am
livermore. 880 is also slow. yesterday it didn't take much to mess things up. across the bay, 101 in san mateo. bay bridge toll plaza has started off slow. it is better than yesterday, but i don't think anyone is doing any hand stands of joy. >> i just did a couple here. >> you're so limber. >> yeah thank you, sir. we do have some fog out there. most of the fog hugging the coast. yesterday, had a bigger fog bank and our cool down. we have been waiting for that little north, northeastern wind well, some of us are and some of us aren't. some would rather see cooler fall temperatures. this weekend could be fog-free. we will ease into that. but today we will ease into some warmer temps away. upper 70s.
8:08 am
low to mid 80s. yesterday was the coolest day at least inland. coast and bay area won't change too much. the system that gaves our little cool down, dropping to 32 i might add. we had 40s, low 50s in san jose. even lean airport at 49 degrees. -- oakland airport, 49 degrees. the 80s got chewed up a bit yesterday. they are coming back. this low is not going anywhere. just going to wobble around. high pressure is building behind that. the high will then give the direction of a north, northeastern breeze. now, that may not establish itself until thursday. that is what the message looked like. slightly warmer for those away from the coast. a bit of a seabreeze in place.
8:09 am
nothing like we had yesterday. 60s, 70s, and 80s. antioch in the 80s. santa cruz, 70s. most of the coast, fog. brisbane, a little warmer. wood side, 79. does look warmer thursday. not much change wednesday. look at this. it does look like warmer weather gets to the coast by the weekend, tory and dave. time now is 8:10. they are making progress this morning fighting that deadly wildfire in san diego county. the fire that started sunday is now 55% contained. but yesterday, the body of an 82-year-old man was found. his neighbors say the man told him he was never going
8:10 am
evacuate. dozens of homes have been destroyed or damaged. 25 other homes are still threatened. evacuation orders are still in place this morning. wild life supporters are angry about fish and game's dell situation to kill a mountain lion and her three cubs. the four mountain lions were shot and killed last month after fish and game received several complete plants about them. state officials say they had to kill the offspring because they were not young cubs. officials say they were about 18 months old and weighed about 60 pounds. >> they say even if the mother had to be killed, the younger mountain lions could have been sent to zoos or animal preserves. there are places all over the country that could take care of big cats. fish and game officials said it would only consider sparing a mountain lions cub if it is younger than four
8:11 am
months old. >> huh? it is 8:11. president obama challenges world leaders to confront the root cause of violent protest in the middle east. >> we can honestly address the tensions between the west and the arab world. how the president is remembering the late u.s. ambassador to libya in a speech before the united nations. plus, who unexpectedly stumbled across a historic rubble buried during the great quake of in san francisco in 1906?
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
some thinking fog out there. inland techs -- temps will come up. >> thank you, steve. president obama is issuing a new warning to iran. k tvu allison burns has more. >> reporter: tory, president obama is making clear there is no justification for the violence in the attack that killed u.s. diplomat in libya. president obama said the anti- islamic video that sparked a furry of protest was crude and disgusting. but he also called for global condemnation for the violence that came with the protest,
8:15 am
including the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> today we must dermat our future will be determined by people like stevens and not his killer. ed to we must declare -- today we must declare this violence has no place. >> president obama said iran has failed to demonstrate its nuclear program is peaceful and says the u.s. will do what it must to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> let me be clear. america wants to resolve this through diplomacy. we believe there is still time and space to do so. that time is not unlimited. >> president obama's approval has drop and this morning he tried to show his leadership. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. mitt romney sharing the
8:16 am
stain with former president bill clinton. >> if there is one thing we have learned in this election season, by the way, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man lot of good. >> romney also outlined plans to rework the foreign aid system in his speech at the clinton global initiative. he says his administration would require countries that received money to allow u.s. investment and remove trade barriers. this morning president obama is defending his decision to tape an interview with the view instead of meeting with world leaders ahead of his speech at the u.n . one white house aid said if the president met with one leader he would have to meet with them all. the president frequently speaks with other leaders by phone. >> san francisco supervisors will consider calling for a special hearing in the latest of a misconduct case of suspended sheriff. his lawyers want supervisors to
8:17 am
further examine purge reimbursements allegations against mayor lee. mayor lee is accused of lying under oath twice. mayoral has denied the allegations and the district attorney's office did not pursue the matter. a downtown san francisco landscaping crew discovered something really big and really unexpected. they were digging under the sidewalk when they hit something. the bricks, concrete, the steel reenforcing bars turned out to be the old san francisco city hall, the one that collapsed during the 1906 earthquake. the current city hall building which is a lot smaller than tennessee original was built less than a half a mile away. work on it started in 1913ful it was finished two years later cruz it is 8:18. chevron revealed more details about a pipe failure that caused last month's refinery
8:18 am
fire. almost 200 people attended a community meeting last night. the yen manager said the pipe that failed hat a low silicon content which can lead to a faster corrosion rate. he says the pipe was suspected last november, but not the 5- foot section that failed. >> it is an equalization line and was part of a safety system to control pressure build up that was in place before implementation. >> the environmental protection agency's criminal investigation bypass continues. its investigators will conduct an on site audit next woke. new details off trader joe's peanut butter recall. two people in california have become sick in connection with
8:19 am
the salmonella outbreak. the food and drug administration linked 29 cases of the salted peanut butter sold to trader joe's. the company which makes that peanut butter announced it is recalling dozens of other peanut butters and almond bits just as a precaution. we will find out if the u.s. supreme court will take up the issue of same-sex marriage. california's proposition 8. voters approved the ban on same sex marriage four years ago. now, another possible case is the defensive marriage act, one that defines marriage as between one man and one woman in the eyes of the federal government. now, if the justices do take up the issue, oral arguments wouldn't begin until next year. a decision would be expected by june of next year. a new study finds seniors in seven of the 10 most popular prescription medication
8:20 am
programs will be hit with double digit hooks if they don't shop around. researchers say it is possible for seniors to avoid the sharp price increases by looking for a low premium plan. open enrollment starts october 15th. people against a proposal to build a new jail in san mateo county plan to pack the meeting when it begins in about 45 minutes. supervisor are expected to vote on a proposal 24 for the jail. supporters say the jail will help deal with the prison population under realignment. resources should be used on alternative programs, they say. because of that realignment, they will soon be going out to forwards and parole officers with the california department of correctionsful state prisons are scaling back. no word on how many prison
8:21 am
employees will lose their job. the layoffs will reportedly take effect on october 30th. time mow is 8:21. ed to the go-ahead green flag has been given to google's robot cars. what governor jerry brown will do to get that procorrect moving. good morning. northbound 28 280 slow this morning. we will tell you more about the morning commute.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
this afternoon governor jerry brown heading to google head quarters. governor brown plans the car to be tested on the road. this makes california the second state to allow the driver hres cars on the road. nevada approved it in february. tesla unvailed a high speed model for their electric cars. right now there are six super chargers all located in california. tesla announced drivers could get a half charge in about 30 minutes in gilroy, folsom, harris ranch, los angeles. it only works for the model f. time now 8:25.
8:25 am
no matter what you're driving, can you help the folks on 280? >> trying to. you have to give yourself a little extra time. the only good news i can say is we don't have any mayor crashes. 101, the same thing goes. just looking at the lest here. slow traffic also on 280. 880 is backed up from 238 into freemont. bay bridge toll plaza is backed
8:26 am
up as well. >> reporter: we will have a little bit warmer temps. maybe later in the week, maybe. the system that came in yesterday, some cooler air. temperatures starting to once off those morning lows, but still upper 50s and 40s. just a slight warm up. thick morning fog. mainly coast around the bay. forecasted highs will be anywhere from 60s to near 90 degrees. if you are by the coast, where is the sun. inland, it is getting warmer. inland temps will jump up on thursday. right now, unless something really changes everything points toward warmer weather, even along the coast. dave. >> steve, thank you. time is now 8:27. why police say they had to move in after a from tempt they had no choice but to shut down the road during that protest.
8:27 am
investigators make a troubling discovery inside the home of a south bay principal accused of selling drugs. we will tell you what parents are saying about what was found in a teddy bear that belongs to that principal. plus, sports fans talking about last night's monday night football game, game-ending play. this one here -- there is one tweet involving nfl commissioner roger goodell and maybe it went too far. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
8:28 am
today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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8:32 am
time is now 8:32. a federal magistrate has threatened action if the mayor doesn't appear at a deposition today. she canceled august 30th saying she had to be at a city council meeting. the mayor said she will be at today's deposition. police are searching for a suspect involved in a deadly shooting. happened around 9:00 last night. police say the victim was taken to the hospital. that's where he died. all of this is under investigation. 8:33. police have arrested at least one person this a rowdy protest
8:33 am
over a deadly officer-involved shooting in hayward. police say they made an arrest for public drunkenness and shut town the road after protesters started walking into traffic. >> at some point the crowd started going into the traffic lanes throwing things in the street trying to stop traffic and blocking the sidewalk. we had to take some law enforcement action at that particular point. >> police say they shot and killed a hospital in a shooting at the dirty bird lounge early yesterday morning after the suspect tried to run them over. the person shot at the bar was treated at the hospital and released. time now 8:34. there is a police warning for women in gilroy. four separate incidence reported last monday and tuesday. dispatch says it is a man in a black suv approaching women
8:34 am
asking for directions. the women told police when they started giving directions they noticed the man was exposing themselves. so far no one has been hurt and there is no description of the suspect. the father of an 18-year- old man who died in the peruvian jungle has now raised enough money to retrieve the body of his son and bring him home. he has raised more than $8,000. he is opening this a new autopsy will explain how his son died. an autopsy performed in peru came to no conclusion. he died after drinking hallucinogenic tea on a spiritual retreat last month. the father thinks his son was murdered. asking for the public's help in finding a suspect in a
8:35 am
string of bank robberies. anyone with information on the suspect's identity is asked to call san jose police. bart will hold a community meeting tomorrow night and explain how they will handle public complaints about bart. in the summer of 2011 bart created an independent auditors position and a citizens review board to monitor police. time now 8:35. job growth in silicon valley is really effecting the housing market. advocates say houses in the south bay is skyrocketing. about $750 a month higher than it was just a couple years ago. they say people who are spending about 50% of their income just on rent. san jose mayor says the city is offering reduced fees and taxes to build in the downtown area.
8:36 am
also, for many, finding affordable housing in san francisco is a major problem, but there could be a tiny solution. coming up for you, pam cook is coming back. she will have details about a new microapartment housing proposal. 8:36 olympic gold medalist ker ri walsh-jennings says she and her husband are expecting their third child. she was five weeks pregnant during her summer run for the gold she thought something was off but attributed it to stress and travel. her partner, misty may
8:37 am
-may-treanor knew the truth. a controversial call that gave the seahawks a win last night. >> the final play. the lob in the endzone is a simultaneous catchful who has it? >> i see different calls there by the ref. this happened after seattle tee quarterback russell wilson threw basically a hail mary pass. one ref saw the touchdown. the other said the packers had an interception. after a lengthy review the play was ruled a touchdown giving seattle 14-12 win. many disagree and feel the packers got it. the nfl locked out their officials in june after the contract expired. the league has been using replacement officials. for three weeks there has been much criticism of the way some of the games are being handled. monothe critics, a wisconsin state senator. he is letting his feelings be known. a man tweeted out nfl
8:38 am
commissioner roger goodell's office phone number after the game. in a separate tweet he said if monday night's ending did not spark an end to the referee lockout, this season will be a joke. former raider's coach who was working the game called this tragic and comical. so, it's really kind of come to a head now. when you have the whole ending of the game on a controversial call. >> it is just mushrooming. time now is 8:38. let's go back to sal. i know, sal. >> reporter: i am telling you. twitter is blowing up about it. we will talk more about that. let's take a look at this commute. traffic is moving along it is pack all the way up. the metering lights are on. there are no mayor problems getting into san francisco. also, the morning commute. moderately heavy getting near
8:39 am
the high-rise. nearby in hayward, we have very slow traffic all the way down stevenson. across the bay we have slow traffic on 101 and san mateo. i would still use 280 if i were you. >> sal, we do have some fog. some of it already burn off. the weather wasn't too much but is retreating rapidly. high pressure is sort of building a bit. we will see if this warmup makes it to the coast by the end of the week. today will be a little warmer away from the coast. 40s and 50s are the low. west, southwest 10. yesterday at this time it was 20, 21. we cut it in half. that is a sure sign. santa rosa, calm. there is really not much of a breeze. there goes one system into the rockies. a low spinning out here. if a low stays right here and
8:40 am
high pressure can build into oregon then we can actually get sunshine. it does look warmer inland starting today and gradually until the end of the week. big morning fog. i like westerly breeze. there is really not much today. mid to upper 80s. fairfield 87 for yesterday. some locations will warm up a little bit. 8:40. a magnitude 4.5 just happened about 15 minutes ago. centered about -r9 miles west of sacramento. so far there is mountain lions word of any damage or injuries. it was followed by a magnitude 2.4 after shock. again, just happened a little while ago. it is 8:41. a new controversy involving the morning after pill.
8:41 am
the decision has created an upshore. big news involving tiny parents in -- apartments in san francisco. several law enforcement agencies in the north bay responded to an unusual call of two men tried to break into this substation. mornings on 2 continues after the break. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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8:44. highest level in movants in september as americans seem more optimistic about the job market. a separate report shows u.s. home prices kept rising in july. it is the third straight month in which prices rose in every city. take a live look. the dow up 45. the nasdq up and the s&p up 5ful one stock we are keeping an eye on is apple. $691 and 25. the stock fell 1% yesterday. investors were reacting to apple's report. it sold million of the new screen ration iphones during the first weekend of sales. analyst expected sells of at least 8 million. apple says demand for the new
8:45 am
iphone exceeded supply. the chinese factory where a 10 hour brawl broke out on sunday is back in operation today. plant makes iphones and has been criticized for working conditions and long work days. they say the violence started after a security guard hit a worker. time is now 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we are following for you. >> the attacks were on america. there should be no doubt that we should be bring the killers to justice. >> that was president obama speaking this morning. also saying an anti-islam movie is an insult not only to muslims, but to americans as well. the president also condemned the violent protest that claimed the lives of four americans including u.s.'s ambassador of libya, chris
8:46 am
stevens. four people including a police officer were injured in a fire in san francisco. all suffered smoke inhalation. it was reported at chestnut and grand avenue. the cause is still under investigation. police in novato arrested two suspected copper thieves early this morning after a break in at a pge substation. what do you know about this burglary now. >> reporter: this is the pge substation these two men are accused of breaking into. this is on hamilton drive. one of the two suspects was arrested right away. the second one, though, was found after an extensive two hour search hiding underneath a car cover. you are look at a park cover over a parked car here right across from the substation. ktvu was there as the burglary
8:47 am
suspect was taken away at 5:30 this morning. the whole episode started at 2:45 this morning. officials checked on surveillance and noticed two men walking around the substation property. when novato police arrived, they noticed someone cut a hole into the fence surrounding the substation. on the other side of that fence was some copper fixtures and piping. novato police detectives believe copper and medal may be what these two burglars were after. >> usually when you have a theft at a substation, copper is the target, but that's under investigation right now. >> one novato police officer suffered a cut to the back of his head after he chased down one of the two suspected burglars. he brought that person into arrest. he was treated scene now back on duty. his injuries were not very serious. the two burglary suspects could face charges of burglary, resisting arrest and possession
8:48 am
of burglary tools. they are being book right now. ally r asmith. san mateo ran is known for some of the most expensive apartments in the country. after today it could have some of the smallest as well. pam cook has more. >> reporter: the san francisco board of supervisor will meet today. on the agenda is tiny apartments. the board will discuss changing the city's building code to allow microunits. parents that are just 220 square feet. there is a kitchen, a bathroom, a closet and bed that converts into a table. >> i would definitely need more room for my shoes but i could make do with some shelfing units. i think it is good for people freshly moving in. kind of reminds me of a dorm room. >> supervisor scott weiner is
8:49 am
pushing for it. he says it is about 41% of people just moving in. crickets worry it will make it even harder for families in the city. many are being forced out because of the technology boom in the bay area. new york and boston are already testing out these very small apartments to help solve their housing issues a well. cave. more than a dozen high schools in new york trying something very controversial. city's education department will distribute the morning after pill to high school students without their parents' consent. the girls as young as 14 will be able to get plan b emergency contraception celebrating signed to help prevent teen pregnancy. parents have been notified about this program, and also how their daughters can opt out. >> i think that is awful. with something like that it is very intrusive. these are still children. they are not 18 years old. >> it comes in handy for the girls who need it who like to
8:50 am
have sex, they don't want to get pregnant. >> the can't says more than 7,000 girls in new york city will become pregnant by the age of 17. 90% of those pregnancies are not planned. more than half are terminated. paul ryan is discussing he and mitt romney's recovery plan. >> they tell us they don't think the economy can survive past that point because of the amount of debt we have. we want to show you we have to deal with this. what we are trying to do is show you how we are going to deal with it. the principles we will use, the policies we will put in place, and we will not duck this
8:51 am
issue. unlike the seattle sexually hawks last night, we want to deserve -- seattle seahawks, we want to deserve this victory. >> there he is. making a reference to the questionable call in the monday night football game. ryan will be meeting up with romney later in ohio. president obama will be in ohio tomorrow visiting two college campuses. both candidates have new ads courting working class voters. women were forced to draw withdraw cash from a campus atm. police say suspects had women withdraw money from atms.
8:52 am
missay smith is about 5' 11" with blue eyes and short hair. a session suspect charged in connection with a fatal shooting. two men were i would -- killed and five hurt. a 23-year-old lamar fox was reportedly arrested last week in oakland and is due back in court october 22nd to enter a plea. a 23-year-old is also charged in the case. time now is 8:52ful a san jose man accused of poisoning a woman's bottled water will be going before a judge. prosecutors say they know the motive. here is a live look at 280 in san jose. sal will have a final commute when we come back. [ frank ] time -- it's your most valued commodity.
8:53 am
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straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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time now 8:55. overnight, a high speed police chase ended with this crash. c hp says a car was speeding on highway 24 about xxxv this morning. when police tried to pull them over the driver would not stop. speeds topped 100 before the driver crashed. two people were in that car, but the driver was arrested. investigators suspect alcohol may have been involved. the san jose man accused of poisoning his boyfriend will face a judge todayful
8:56 am
prosecutors say the 67-year-old bought water filled with chlorine to his girlfriend. prosecutors say he tried to poison his girlfriend so he could get control of her finances. he is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of poisoning and attempted murder. three lucky viewers will win a pair of tickets to see pink on february 18th at san jose's hp pavilion. she has won three grammy's and sold more than 4 million albums. put in the secret word try on our website. >> my wife loves her. >> very talented. sal, it is a mess. >> yeah. we are going see it here on the 280. it is getting a little better on 101. peninsula, 101 is still kind of slow. and, you can see traffic at the
8:57 am
toll plaza. that is backed up and very slow getting up into the city. now let's go back to steve. >> reporter: thank you. some fog out there. it will retreat back to the coast. little cool there. inland temps bottomed out yesterday. a little warmer today as we head toward the end of the week. we will see if it makes it to the coast. >> all right, steve. that's the report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. well eel see you next time the newsbreaks. >> we will have more on the disturbing information involving the bay area principal accused of selling drugs. we are also here on and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night. to. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for all new videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." >> a woman in flying into a wall. >> where she hit her face. >> see what happens when the cop's story didn't seem to match the videotape. >> new footage of the dangling truck rescue. >> the thing that blew my mind about this video. >> is what the driver refused to leav
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